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We have tried to make our laundry prices affordable for everyone. We know everything is getting more expensive so we've tried to keep our prices fair and reasonable, no matter how you want to get your laundry done. For laundry cost per load, please see in store prices.

Fluff and Fold Prices

Wash & Fold
Per Pound

**10 lb. Minimum

Wash & Fold
Per Pound

**10 lb. Minimum. Clothes must be dropped off by 5 pm.

Laundry Services

  • Mid-Sized Washers (20 Total)
  • X-Large Washers (9 Total)
  • Regular Dryers (24 Total)
  • X-Large Dryers (8 Total)

Commercial Laundry Pricing

The laundry service cost depends on how much laundry you generate, how often you require our service, and what type of laundry it is. Call for a bid: 928-862-2124 or email us: