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We were a road trip and needed our laundry wash dry and folded. I brought our clothes in about 8 and they were ready when I came back by about 1:00. I was very pleased and happy with my experience.

My first time on a Laundromat establishment and I liked it! I had the impression that all laundromats were dirty and messy. This one seems to be clean and welcoming.

We mark the weeks by doing laundry here. There is plenty of well-maintained equipment, soap dispensers, and quarter dispensers. We get it all done in about 90 minutes, after we show up when they open at 8 am. At that hour we almost have the whole shop to ourselves. The staff is friendly, and nobody seems bothered that we wear masks while we're in the room. The air conditioning is powerful, so the outside air temperature is irrelevant.

Definitely one of the cleaner laundromats I've utilized while traveling. Spacious, lots of machines, sensible layout. Met my laundry needs, & thanks to the giant industrial dryers my double load of clothes was dry in 20 minutes. Score.

Leaving a 5 star because the owner seems cool, good vibes, and convenient location for me to park my RV while my dog waits within a close enough distance.